Snow Blower Plow

How to add a plow
to your snow blower.

Snow Blower
Plow Instructions

Snow Blower Plow

Snow Blower Plow

Sometimes there is a need
for a plow rather than
blowing snow.

This is when there is a very
windy day, and because
of the way your property
is situated,

you can only blow in one
direction, and have no
choice, but to blow the
snow into the wind.

The snow comes back
onto you, or blows into
your neighbors yard.

The plows works like
a powered scoop.

Works well for light snow

To install, place the plow in
front of the machine, line
up the bolts to the
machine and slide to
the right.

Lock in place with the
single wing nut.

You only use the power
drive, do not engage the
augers when using your
snowblower as a plow.

Materials Needed

You do not need anything
fancy to build this
snowblower plow.

A piece of 3/4 inch thick
plywood, 30 inches wide
and about 14 inches high,

For a 24 inch wide
(whatever you have available).

Center the holes for the
bolts about one inch from
the top of the plywood,
centered to the machine.

Use 1/4 inch bolts, longer
one on the left, shorter
on the right where the
wing nut goes.

Use washers front and
back of the plywood.

Place the bolts through
the plywood, add the
washer and two nuts.

Leave the first nut loose to
the plywood for flexibility
of the plow. (rise and fall).
(hole in plywood is over

Tighten the second nut to
the other to lock it in place.

Bend the bolt 90 degrees
(right angle).

All holes are drilled one size
larger than the thickness
of the bolts to allow for
smooth pivoting as the
plow goes over bumps.

The plow must be able to
rise and fall with ease as
the contour of the land

Place the plow in front of
the snowblower on level
ground and determine
the position of the holes
to drill on the

Use one wing nut for
quick placement and

Place the single wing nut
on the right side.
(looking on from the
front of the augers.)


Determine if this plow will
function on your snow
blower before building,
is there clearance
between the augers and
the plywood?

Other Safety Tips
Use safety glasses, be
aware of people and

Stop and let people and
vehicles go by before

Never leave a running
snow blower unattended.

Wear warm mitts and
dress warmly.

Reflective, high visible
clothing is a good idea if
you are working where
there is traffic.


If your machine doesn't
seem to have enough
push, the friction drive
probably needs cleaning.
(very poor traction, wheels
don't turn)

If it is not a belt problem
and the wheels don't work
properly, clean the drive
friction plate and drive
rubber wheel.

Video on cleaning the
friction drive plate

To clean friction drive,
remove rear plate, remove
the 6 screws and remove
the plate to get at the
metal friction disc and
rubber wheel, clean both
disc and rubber wheel..

When the fuel tank is near
empty, you can put the
machine on end without
spilling fuel
from the fuel tank.

With the machine on end
it is much easier
to work on the machine.

More Tips

If the snowblower does
not start right away,
and you can smell gas
fumes, the engine is
probably flooded, wait
a few minutes.

Turn the choke all the
way to the left.
(completely off) and try

Clean all the snow off
the snowblower after
each use, and top up
the fuel, so the unit is
ready for the next use.

Snow left in the bottom of
the auger after use will
melt from the heat of the
machine and then freeze
causing a layer of ice to
When you attempt to engage
the auger the next time,
the engine will stall, or you
may break the drive belt.


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