Solar Panel Voltage
Drop Calculator.

Calculate the correct
wire size for a solar
power system.

Solar Panel Voltage
Drop Calculator

Entry Form

Length: Meters

Current: Amps

Voltage Drop: Volts


Wire Size: Cir Mils.

4110 Cir Mils = AWG 14
6350 Cir Mils = AWG 12
10380 Cir Mils = AWG 10
16510 Cir Mils = AWG 8
26240 Cir Mils = AWG 6
41740 Cir Mils = AWG 4
66360 Cir Mils = AWG 2
133100 Cir Mils = AWG 2/0

Using This Solar
Wire Calculator

Enter length in Meters.

Enter Amperage.

Enter voltage drop required
Example: 1,2,3,4,5,6.

Try different voltage drops,
and compare with the wire
size you have to work with.

This solar panel wire
calculator is intended for
approximate guidance.

You also have to
determine if wire size will
carry the amperage


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Calculate correct size
solar panel wire,
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