Stripped Wood
Screw Repair

Repair door hinge
stripped screws
in cupboards.

Stripped Wood
Screw Hole Repair

Over tightening or
removing wood screws
too many times can
cause stripped wood

Removing cupboard
doors for repainting can
cause the wood to fall
away and therefore the
wood screw has nothing
to hold onto.

A quick and sure way
to deal with this problem
is probably already in
your cupboard.

Take some round wooden
tooth picks, place one at a
time into the screw hole
and snap them off level
with the surface, continue
until the hole is full.

The last one with a pointed
end, tap it in with a hammer,
break it off, put the screw
back in place and you are

Although most times no
glue is required, in some
really bad situations add
the glue.

Screws that are stripped
will generally not screw
out in a normal fashion.

To remove a badly stripped
screw, you will have to
help, by applying a slight
lifting pressure while

Insert a flat ended
screwdriver in behind
the hinge, bracket and
gently pry outward
while un-screwing.


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