Thrifty Tips

Save money by
thrifty shopping.

Thrifty Tips

Helpful thrifty tips
to save you money.

All Purpose Cleaner
and Polish

Great for cleaning laminate

2/3 cup filtered water.

1/3 cup isopropyl alcohol(99%).

1/3 cup white vinegar.

3 drops liquid dishwashing

5-10 drops lemon oil soap

Combine all ingredients and place
in a spray bottle.

Spray sparingly onto laminate
flooring, and mop up.

The alcohol dries quickly, which
helps speed up the drying.


Also good for cleaning windows,
stainless steel, and counters.

Linen Freshener

1/2 cup filtered water.

1/2 cup alcohol.

10 drops Eucalyptus oil.

Mix ingredients, put into
a spray bottle. Shake before use.
Kills dust mites.

Thrifty Tips

Visit the Swap Shed at the
local dump site.

Find books, furniture, appliances
and just about everything else.
Gently used, but great value.

Visit your Value Village store.
Find gently used clothing, as
well as brand new.

They also carry electronics,
furniture, toys, games; well just
about everything else.

Great deals on 50% off days
and 30% off Tuesdays for

Gather all the different store
weekly flyers on the internet.
Shop for the bargains and
save money.

In Canada, shop for vitamins
at The Vitamin Shop on line
Great prices and delivered to
your door.
Put this on your desktop.

Get micro fiber cloths, they
make great face cloths; you
do not need soap or toner
(astringent) and they
exfoliate your skin each time
you use them.

They also remove make-up,
without any soap or cleanser.

Micro fiber cloths are wonderful
for cleaning your bathroom,
you do not need any cleaners,
and your sink will sparkle.
Also great for cleaning the

Just remember to wash them
separately from other items.
Do not combine with lint type
fabrics; do not wash with fabric
softeners or bleach.

Save on coffee. If you are
using an electric percolator
coffee pot, make enough coffee
in the morning and just
reheat later on.

Coffee can sit for hours,
without greatly affecting the

When it comes time to re-heat,
make sure you remove the
coffee grounds, plug in the
pot for a few minutes to heat.

Save on cream by substituting
vanilla flavored rice milk.
Tastes really good.

When it comes time to buy a
new vacuum cleaner, buy
one that has a cup to catch
the dirt in, rather than
disposable bags, not having
to buy bags will save you

Air fresheners can be made
from natural essential oils.

All you need is a spray
' bottle, dump in 1/2 small
bottle of any scent in the
spray bottle, fill the bottle up
with a half and half mixture
of cold water and alcohol.

Visit a Dollar store and your
money will go further.

When shopping for spices,
teas or bulk dried vegetables
such as beans; shop in the
Ethnic section of you local
grocery store.
These items are priced much
cheaper, than in the regular
section of the grocery store.

Look up recipes on the
internet for different kinds
of soups. Make a huge pot
and refrigerate.

Remove from the pot what
you need for each meal and
This will save you energy
costs, and is a good way to
eat nutritious meals, and
be thrifty.

Another way to make soup,
collect all the leftovers in the
pots and pans, from a meal,
and store in the freezer,
until you have enough to
make a pot of soup.

Add chicken broth and some
canned tomatoes and you
have the makings for a very
tasty soup.

Do not throw out your pop
bottles/cans, beer bottle/cans,
and wine bottles.

Put them into a container such
as a plastic garbage can.
Take them to the bottle depot
and pocket the money.

Step on the cans to flatten,
this takes up less space.

Buy unmarked gas for your
lawnmower, weed eater and
any other gas engine that
is used around the home or
off road.

Unmarked gas is cheaper
because you don't need to pay
the road tax.

The washing machine not draining
properly? Clean the lint filter
yourself, save the money of a
service call.

The filter is located behind the
front panel of the washing

Remove the three bottom screws
and remove the panel.
Unscrew the filter cover and
clean out the filter.

Lint trap
front loading washing machine


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