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Vehicle Tire

Vehicle Tire Codes

Vehicle Tires

Tires weaken as they age, when
buying new, or secondhand tires,
how old are they?

Determine the
Manufactured Date of a Tire

This example of a Michelin
Defender tire manufactured
after the year 2000, shows
the lettering on the side
of the tire,

Tire Codes

DOT HN7A 111X 0312.
The manufactured date is
revealed in the last 4 digits
This stands for the third
week of 2012.

If the tire was manufactured
before the year 2000, the
digits would be revealed
something like (308).

This stands for the third week
of the 8th year of the decade.

On another note, the defender
gives good handling, a quiet
ride and improved gas

Tire Size


205 millimeters wide,
60 millimeters sidewall height.

60 is the aspect percentage,
(60*100) / 205.

60 percent of 205 (292.6),
the lower this number the
quicker is the response in

Radial, mounts on 16 inch rims.
If the R is missing this
indicates a bias ply tire.

Vehicle Designation

P indicates passenger.

LT indicate light truck
or van.

ST indicates boat or utility

Speed Rating Codes

A for speeds over 115 mph.

B for speeds 100 to 115 mph.

C for speeds 85 to 100 mph.

Tire Heat Rating Codes

A,B,C, C runs the hottest
at the same speed,
A is best.


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