Toilet Keaking

How to change a wax
ring on a toilet.

Toilet Wax Seal

Toilets leak at the base
when the wax toilet bowl
seal fails to do its job.

Over time the gasket
ages and dries up and
shrinks losing its ability
to seal.

Instructions here guide
you when changing a
toilet wax seal.

How To Fix
A Leaking Toilet

Turn the water off, either
at the wall or at the
main shutoff for the

Disconnect the toilet from
the water supply at the

Flush the toilet to empty
the tank.

Remove as much water as
you can from the bowl.
Use a small cup and
finish with a turkey baster
and cloth rags to soak
up what is left.

Later the toilet needs to
be turned over so you
want all the water
removed to prevent
water running out onto
the floor.

Remove the two nuts
from the bolts holding
the toilet to the floor.
One on each side of
the toilet.

Mark the floor with
masking tape so you
will easily see where
the toilet fits to the

Put a line on the masking
tape which lines up with
the bolts.

Lift the complete toilet
off the floor and set it
on its backside on an
old towel.

Use a dull knife or a piece
of sharpened wood to
scrape away the old wax

Also clean the floor area
where the toilet sits.

Warm the area of the
toilet where the wax
seal sits with an electric
hair dryer.

Place the new wax ring
onto the toilet and warm
it also.
You want it slightly sticky.

Lift the toilet and using
the masking tape as a
guide maneuver the toilet
into place.

Sit on the toilet and slightly
rock to seat the toilet on
the gasket and floor.

Place the holding nuts on
the bolts and tighten snugly,
but do not over tighten
as this could crack the

Connect the water supply
and turn on the water.

Flush the toilet to test
for leaks.

An option is to silicone
around the base of the toilet.


While preparing the toilet for
installation stuff a wet rag
into the sewer opening.
This will keep sewer gases
from coming into the

Remember to remove the
rag before installing the

Tip For a toilet that often plugs
up at times, add a little
Dawn soap to the toilet bowl,
after each use, this will help
keep it clean.

Not all toilet paper is the
same, some do not
breakdown and disperse,
and cause a dam in the


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