Using The Trail Logger

Build a single wheel
trail logger type of
wheel barrow.

Trail Logger

Moving firewood on a narrow
bush trail.

This trail logger was built to
remove cut firewood off a
hillside where there is
only narrow bush trails.

The hill and trail in question
was too steep and narrow for
using a wheel barrow, because
the handles on the barrow
was too wide for the trails.

A wheel barrow was also
found to be too heavy and
clumsy to push up the steep
bush trails.

Trail logger.

The building project only requires
a few items; a short board, 2 small
pieces of 3/4 inch plywood, a wheel,
8 carriage bolts, 2 U clamps, and
some short pieces of rope.

The axle was made from 1/2 inch
copper water pipe which has a
3/4 inch outside diameter, as
the wheel had a 3/4 inch axle
The axle was secured to the
plywood with 2 U bolts.

The trail logger is designed to
be lightweight so it can be
packed or pushed/pulled up
steep bush trails.

The block of wood on the trail
logger is only shown as an
example; the pine fire
wood on the hillside is much
smaller in diameter, and lighter.

The trail logger will move
anything you can tie on to it.

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