Tree Wound Repair

How to repair a tree
with damaged bark,
and rot.

Tree Repair

Applying Tree Wound Dressing

Mountain Ash

Damaged Tree
Bark Repair

It is important to repair damaged
bark on a tree to prevent tree
disease, rot and insect infestation.

To repair the damaged area,
remove all the loose or rotted

Use a sharp wood chisel and gently
lift away the loose material,
do not cut into the healthy alive

Use a wire brush to remove the
fine loose material, finish up
with a straw brush or broom.

Apply the asphalt tree wound
dressing thinly and evenly.
Work the paste in with a putty
knife, or narrow flat stick.

Let it dry a couple days and see
how much the paste shrinks,
if necessary apply a second coat.

Never use a regular spray paint to
cover a tree wound, as this may
kill the tree.

After repair


Pound a couple fertilizer sticks
into the ground around the tree out
from the trunk, as far as the
branches reach out. This will
strengthen, and help the tree
to survive.

Tree in Fall


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