Truck Bed Armor

Paint on truck
bed protection

Truck Bed Armor

Protect your truck box from rust
and scratches.

Most products provide years of
protection from scratches, dents
and normal wear-and-tear.

By doing the job yourself,
you can save money.

Choose the product that you
u prefer, ready to use or
epoxy mix.

If you pick the epoxy mix,
you simply add the hardener
and mix for ten minutes,
then apply.

In both cases you must have
a clean surface free of dirt
and oil.

Wipe down the truck bed
with a cleaning product such
as varsol.

The total area to be rolled
must be dry and scuffed
with a medium sandpaper
or abrasive pad.

Clean up the underside of the
fender wells, just a good cleaning).
You will be able to use any excess
protective coating here.

Decide of you just want to do
the inside of the truck bed or
the top rails also.

I recommend doing the top rails
also because if you are throwing
something into the truck bed,
it may land on or bounce off
the rail at one time or another.

Mask off the area where you
want the protective edge to end.

Use a roller on flat areas and
a brush in corners and indents.

Roll on generously and draw up
the pikes, they will give your
job a professional look.

As the product cures, the pikes
will shrink considerably.

With the epoxy mix you have
1 hour of working time.

The products set up in 2 to
3 hours.

It takes 9-12 hours for light use
and 2 to 3 days for heavy use.

A 6 ft. truck bed requires
1 US gallon, add 1 US quart
for 8 ft. beds.

When the job is complete, you
will have a skid-resistant
surface that will bond and
seal against rust.

Most products are repairable if
you should get a nick, as the
products will bond to it.

A small nick to the metal can
also be covered over with a rust
resistant paint.

A rolled/painted on liner will
not only look good, but will
make your vehicle worth more.

Dupli-Color Bed Armor

Dupli-Color bed armor is a water
based polyurethane coating.

It is low odor and provides a
hard rubberized finish.

It is impact resistant, won't
flake, chip or peel.

Easy cleanup, this product is
also a good choice.


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