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Turkey Thaw Time

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Using This Turkey
Defrost Calculator.

Enter weight of turkey
in pounds.

Turkey Cooking

Preheat oven at 450
Fahrenheit for 15 minutes.

Cook at
450-500 F (204-260 Celsius)
degrees for 30 minutes, then
reduce to 325 F. Cook at
a minimum of 325 degrees
Fahrenheit (160 Celsius).

Use a meat probe

Cook to attain.
Breast 170 degrees Fahrenheit
(76.6 Celsius).

Thigh 180 degrees Fahrenheit
(82.2 Celsius).

Dressing 165 degrees
(74 Celsius).


Add half cup of chicken
broth to the bottom of
the pan, this prevents

turkey probe

Insert the probe from
the front of the turkey
into the breast.

Position the probe tip deep
enough, to be in the middle
of the thickest part of
the breast.


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Turkey thaw time

Change cold water often.

Turkey Thaw and Cook
Time Calculator,
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