Understanding Others

Insights and thoughts
which help us understand
those around us.


Understand your spouse.

People are all genetically
different, no one is exactly
the same, so each person
has to be understood

What affects a person as
a child, makes them different
from everybody else.

One may need more attention
and tender care, and
understanding to offset their
growing up years.

A man thinks differently than
a woman, he needs respect
from his spouse.

The woman thinks differently
from a man, she needs love
from her spouse.

Visualize a circle with respect
on one edge and love on the
other, balancing each other.

If a man doesn't get respect,
he tends to give a cold
shoulder to his spouse.

If a woman does not feel
loved by her spouse she
will show no respect to
her spouse.

This results is fighting!

If you feel your wheel is off
balance, stop and take note
where on the circle you are,
make the correction.

Love and forgiveness go
hand in hand.

A female has a bigger size of
the frontal brain than a man.
This is where she spends
more of her time figuring
out what she has just heard.

She goes deeper in what is said
to her. She doesn't see the big
picture right off, but rather
loops around in there, in the
front of her brain looking at
the finer details.

The male has a larger back part
of the brain, this where he
gets the big picture right
away, but misses out in the
fine details.

One can quickly see why a
female and male do not
understand each other.

The perfect situation is
where both the male and
female realize their
differences and work
together in understanding
each other.

Many the time as a male I
have rushed ahead with
something without the
finer details and got
myself in trouble.
Both the male and female
input is needed for

Ever wonder why when
you buy someone a gift,
they don't really fully seem
to appreciate the thought?

What has just happened
is that person does not
have a full appreciate for
gifts, this can be normal
for that person, it is just
not their thing.
They may say thank you,
but would rather have had
words of affirmation or
quality time spent together.

Search the other person
for one of these, points
When you know which it
is, then you will have
found their sweet spot.

Check over the list and
you will best know how
to make an impact
on that person.

1/ gifts. (Gifts of Love)

2/ affirmation.
(Words of appreciation)

3/ quality time.
(Time spent together)

4/ Service
(helping out)

5/ Physical Touch
(touching and sex)

Most people will stand out
in one of these on the list,
but some may have more
than one.


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