Used Truck Life
Expectancy Calculator

On average a truck
will last about 8 years or
about 150,000 miles
(241,000 km).

Calculate how many years
of service your used
truck will provide.

Used Truck Life
Expectancy Calculator

Calculate how many more
years your truck will last
based on your past
driving history.

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Used Truck Life


Enter year purchased, and
todays year.
Enter odometer mileage on

This calculator works for
vehicles under 241,000 Km,
or 150.000 miles.


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This calculator calculates
the life of a used truck
based on how many miles
were driven since purchased,
and how much mileage is
on the speedometer.

This calculator bases an
average truck life
expectancy of 241,000 Km
or 150,000 miles.

It is possible for a truck
to go 300,000 miles or
more, but at that point
it is running on borrowed

This calculator does not
take into consideration
rust, misuse, or engine

Calculate how many
years of service is left
on your used truck,
at findnchoose.

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