Highway Speed calculator

Calculate vehicle speed
and performance.

Vehicle Highway
Speed and Performance

Entry Form

Original Tire: Size in Inches

New Tire: Size in Inches

Original: RPM

Original: Speed MPH


Engine RPM: For Original Speed

Vehicle Speed: at Original RPM

Using this Vehicle
Speed and Performance

Calculate highway speed
difference with change
of tire size.

Going up a tire size
gains speed, but loses
acceleration power.

Going down a size tire
gains acceleration, but
loses speed.

Using This Acceleration
Speed Calculator

Enter Original Tire Size
in Inches.

Enter New Tire Size
in Inches.

Enter Original RPM

Enter Original Speed
in Miles per Hour.


Original tire size, 17

New tire size, 19

Original RPM, 2000,

Speed !00

RPM becomes 1789,
at original speed.

Speed becomes 112,
at original RPM.


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Calculate Effective Vehicle
Speed and Performance
Due to Change of Tire Size
at, findnchoose.

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