Wallpapering Calculator.

Calculate the number
of rolls of wallpaper
required for a project.

Wallpaper Calculator

Calculate the Number
of Wallpaper Rolls
That Are Required

Entry Form

All Room Length: In Feet

Wall Height: In Feet.

Large Openings Feet, If None .001

Roll Cost:30 sq. ft. Roll

Single Rolls Required

Cost $ Single Rolls

Tax not included.

Using This Wallpaper

This calculator is based on, 1
single roll will cover 30 Square
Feet. after matching and

If you are wallpapering the
complete room, add up the
perimeter, a 12 by 15 ft. room
will be 12+15+12+15= 54 feet
enter as length.

If you are just wallpapering
a single wall and there is no
large openings, enter .001
into large opening entry.

Large openings are doorways,
closets, fireplace, or large

Note this is the bare
minimum of wallpaper
required, add at east 10% for
error and to provide some
spare for future repairs.

n/a means you forgot
an entry.


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Calculate the wallpaper rolls
required for a project,
at findnchoose.

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