How To Get Rid of Wasp

How to get rid of wasp

Wasp Removal

Wasp Solution

When I first heard about this
solution, we were planning for
an outdoor wedding reception
for our daughter.

Wasp always seem to appear
where there is outdoor food
and drink. A friend of ours
told us how she dealt with wasp.

We tried it and it worked so
effectively that we had no
trouble with the wasp.

All you need is a small fish,
bucket, water, stick, string
and some liquid dish soap.

Fill the bucket about half full
of water and add a bit of
liquid dish soap.

Next place a stick across the
top of the bucket and suspend
the fish above the soapy water
in the center of the pail.

Place the bucket and fish in a
spot that is out of the way.
The wasps are such pigs
that they will gorge themselves
until they can't fly and will
drop into the water-soap
solution and drown.

Later, after the reception was
over I checked the bucket
and found dozens and
dozens of dead wasps in the
All the wasps had gone to
the smelly fish and had
not bothered us; the reception
went very well.


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