Home Wattage Chart

Wattage chart, and tips
for the home.

Home Wattage Chart

This is an approximate guide,
of electrical appliances.

Air Conditioning		1000-6000
Attic Fan			200-400
Bathroom Exhaust Fan	30-200
Broiler				1200-1500
Can Opener			100-150
Clock				2-3	
Clothes Dryer			4000-5000
Clothes Iron			1000-1500
Coffee Maker			500-1500
Computer and Monitor	400-550
Conventional light		25-150
Crock Pot			200-300
Deep Fat Fryer		1200-1500
Deep Freeze			300-600
Dehumidifier			400-500
Dishwasher			1000-1500
Dishwasher			800-1500
DVD Player			30-100
Electric Blanket		150-500
Electric Clothes Dryer 	4000-6000
Electric Kettle			1000-1500
Electric Oven			3000-6000
Electric Space Heater		1000-4000
Electric Stove			1000-2000
Florescent Light Bulb		10-20
Food Blender			200-1000
Hair Dryer			100-1500
Halogen Light Bulb		50-100
Hot Water Tank		2000-4000
Low Energy Bulb		10-20
Microwave			500-1500
Portable Fan Heater		500-1500
Reflector Bulb			40-100
Refrigerator			400-600
Satellite Receiver		30-300
Stereo System			200-700
Stove Exhaust Fan		30-200
Television			30-400
Toaster				1000-1500
Vacuum Cleaner		200-1200
Video Player			30-400
Washing Machine		400-1500
Floor Polisher			200-300

Identifying Circuits

All breakers should be labeled.
If a problem should arise, such
as a smoking receptacle, you
would need to know which
individual circuit to shut off,
without throwing the whole
house into darkness.

To make a chart start by turning
on all the lights in the house.

Turn off the number one

Go through the house and
check to see which lights
are out.

Use something like a small
table lamp, to check each

Make a list as you go along.

Turn the number one breaker
back on and proceed with
all the other breakers, doing
one at a time.

Make a cardboard chart with
your list of information and
post this chart close to the
electrical panel.

It is best to have two people
working together to do the
tests and make the chart.

The 40 amp. Breaker is usually
for the stove, hot water, or
hot tub if you have one.
30 amp breaker is usually for
the clothes dryer.
20 amp. breakers are usually
found near the kitchen
15 Amp breakers are used
for the lights and average

Calculate Appliance Wattage.

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