Insulate Home Window Glass

Insulate house windows

Window Glass

Insulating Window
Glass Instructions

To save energy, apply bubble
wrap to window glass.

The plastic has air pockets
that insulate window glass,
while allowing light to pass

On bathroom windows insulate
the entire window as you do
not need to see clearly through
these windows.

On other windows, leave a
strip clear to the side, where
you can look out.
(see image).

Glass is a very poor insulator,
you can prove this by simply
touching the glass with your
finger to feel the cold.

Cold glass create cold drafts,
warm air inside the home
contacts the cold glass,
cooling the air in the home.

This action of circulating cold
air inside the home flows over
the glass, and through the
home, robbing the house of

How to Apply
Bubble Wrap

To make a solution to hold
the bubble wrap to the glass
take one cup of white vinegar,
add two cups of hot water.
Apply 10 drops of Lavender
essential oil
(purchased from a heath
food store).
This is optional.

Shake well and pour into a
pump spray bottle and spray
the entire glass area.

This mixture prevents mold
from developing.

Cut the bubble wrap to size,
clean the glass, spray the
water mixture onto the glass
and apply bubble wrap with
the flat, smooth side of the
bubble-wrap towards the

Smooth onto glass with
your hand.

The water vinegar mixture will
cause the bubble-wrap to
stick to the glass.

The bubble wrap can be
removed easily at any time.

Bathroom window


Use the left over spray to
clean fridges and counter-tops.
The bubble-wrap can be left in
place year round, as it help
keep the heat out on hot
summer days, and keeps
the heat in, on cold winter days.

Bubble wrap can be purchased
at most office supply stores
or places like Staples.

The rolls comes in different

Exhaust Fans Rob
Heat from the Home

Bathroom and kitchen exhaust
fans work by expelling warm
air from the house.

Cold outside air enters the
home through a cold air vent
to the basement, to replace
the inside warm air that left
the home.

The outside cold air entering
the house is winter temperature.

In winter, running an exhaust
fan for a couple of hours can
entirely deplete the warm air
inside the house.

The furnace re-warms the
air inside the house, this
costs you money.

Run the fans for short periods
of time only as needed, this
saves energy costs.


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